A Far-Reaching Impact

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As I was walking earlier this morning, I noticed the initial light of sunrise being hindered by some fairly dark clouds in the north. When I got home I checked the weather radar and noticed the storm clouds were north of BloNo turning in a counter clockwise motion. Then it hit me…this was the last gasps of hurricane Irma as it was making its final statement of presence as far north as Illinois. Think about that range: from the Florida Keys late Saturday night to central Illinois Wednesday morning. Now that’s a powerful, far-reaching impact! When we talk about the trajectory of a transformed life, this is the kind of potential influence I envision. What may seem to be a rather insignificant decision today, can have an incredible impact years later. Career decisions, marriage decisions, guiding our children and teens in their decisions, financial investment decisions, decisions made in the midst of conflict or temptation, all have the potential for far-reaching impact years later. That’s why it is so important to make your decision to follow Christ your top priority. That decision alone sets the trajectory of a lasting legacy for all other decisions we make. I’m not saying that following Christ makes life a bed of roses or everything runs smoothly. What I am saying is that following Christ influences the decisions we make today that will have a better chance of making an eternal difference in years to come. In the list of decisions I mentioned above, imagine making any of those without God’s influence and making them with His leadership. Then try to imagine the potential results 30 years from now. In the beautiful promise that the Lord gave to the exiles of Judah in Jeremiah 29:11, he closes that verse with these words, “…plans to give you hope and a future.”  That’s the trajectory…the far-reaching impact…that God has planned for your decisions today. That can only happen when Christ has first place in our lives. Let’s make it so. Let’s pray for God’s continued guidance in our decision-making processes and let’s pray for those recovering from two powerful storms in Texas and across the state of Florida. God bless you and all those in need today. See you Sunday!  ~ PB

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