Full Of Courage

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Be full of courage!  Three times in Joshua 1:6-9, the Lord tells the new leader, “Be strong and courageous”. In fact in verse 7 the Lord says, “Be strong and very courageous”. Why did God need to tell Joshua this? Well…he was filling pretty big sandals for one thing. Moses, the beloved deliverer, has just died and God’s people look to Joshua, God’s choice, to lead them. Secondly, Joshua is being asked to lead the people across the Jordan into Canaan, the Promised Land. He’s been here before and it didn’t turn out so well. This is where he and Caleb were voted down on making the crossing and God disciplined his people harshly here. Feelings of inadequacy and fear had to be at the forefront of Joshua’s thoughts and heart. Have you ever been there? God is nudging you to do something for kingdom impact and you’re not sure if you’re the one to do it? Am I qualified? Am I gifted? Can I do this? What will people say? How will I be judged? I’m sure Joshua had similar questions. But then the Lord speaks to him. It is more than encouragement that Joshua needs. Encouragement is great and we often need it. But think about it. Encouragement usually comes from the outside in. Someone gives you a hug or says a prayer with you or gives you a compliment or simply listens when you need someone to listen. The outside help makes you feel better about yourself and the situation you’re facing. You’re encouraged! But Joshua needed something else. He needed courage. He needed something within that would strengthen his character, his resolve, his motivation and his determination. He needed a spirit of confidence, vision and power to accomplish the assignment God had given him. And God came through! The rest of the book tells you of great victories won because of the God-given courage Joshua had deep down in his soul. In 2 Corinthians 4, Paul calls this inner spiritual strength the “treasure” residing in jars of clay. He says that even though the pressures of life can press hard on us, we are not crushed, because of the strength of the “treasure” (Spirit) in us. John says it this way in 1 John 4:4, “…the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world”. Be full of encourage! Be filled with the Spirit and the holy character and strength of the Lord. He sustains us. He helps us to accomplish any assignment God has given us. He will see you through! See you this 100th celebration weekend! ~ PB

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