Friend Day

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This Sunday, Thanksgiving/Friend Day, is one of the highlights of our church year. Think about it…we get to gather, as we usually do each Sunday, but on this day, we have invited neighbors, friends, perhaps co-workers, maybe even that favorite hair stylist, barista, checkout associate or person that works out at the fitness center. The point is, wherever our paths cross with folks in our sphere of influence, we have opportunities to extend an invitation to “lean in” to Jesus and the hope he freely extends to a hurting world. No matter where people live, work or spend leisure time, there can always be broken hearts, worried minds, weary souls, rocky marriages, weakened health, wayward children, daily grinds, job uncertainty, and simply the unwanted surprise just around the corner. Thanksgiving is the most appropriate time to invite an unchurched friend to a worship service and then a church family dinner. They get to see two aspects of church life that are both meaningful and authentic. I hope you get the chance to invite a friend. If you’ve asked before and they did not come, don’t give up. You never know when the time is right for them to say, “Okay. I’ll see you there.” I can’t wait for Sunday!  ~ PB

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