BFC Gratitude

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What a great day we had last Sunday! It was beautiful weather. We had a good crowd (115). The spirit of the service was evidence of God’s presence. We got to share in the sacrament of communion. And then we concluded with a wonderful family dinner together. Thanks to all who helped make this past Sunday very special. As a pastor it is so gratifying to see the congregation engage in relationship building through conversations, laughter and simply sharing life. Whether that occurs after the service in the foyer or in the gym after the meal is over and folks just sit and talk. It’s such a blessing to observe. My prayer is that we will continue building those relationships with one another and with our new people. Make an “on purpose” effort to meet and get to know someone that seems new to you. It could be that they have been here for a while and you just never got to meet them! I’m thankful that we get these opportunities to be “off line” with our electronic devices and engage in face to face conversations. That is where true, meaningful relationships are made! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family/loved ones. Traveling mercies to those logging miles. This Sunday begins our Advent series, “The Christmas Story”. Advent means “anticipation of what is to come”. That’s the appropriate attitude to have as you come to worship these next few weeks. I’m anticipating seeing you all this Sunday! Grateful blessings. ~ PB

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