Isaiah Is Right

One of the great chapters in the book of Isaiah is c.40. It begins with the words that inspired a portion of Handel’s, Messiah, speaking comfort to God’s people while revealing the power of God to make the mountains and valleys level ground. It then presents a section of questions that we rarely take the time to consider, unless we ourselves, are needing answers to personal questions in life. It concludes with one of the most familiar passages of hope in all of scripture. Some have wondered if the old bearded prophet got it right…soaring…then running… then walking. Shouldn’t it be in reverse order? We walk…then we run…then we soar on wings like eagles! That seems to make better sense, at least from the perspective of spiritual growth and faith. But what about life’s perspective? What about the day in, day out routines, responsibilities and rigors that can rob our joy and zap our energy? What if the prophet was speaking from his experience or the experience of God’s people facing the Assyrian occupation? Then his verb order makes more sense. When life gets tough, we’d love to soar (and sometimes God gives us mountaintop moments of refreshing). And usually in the tough times we find ourselves running just to stay ahead of the consuming wave (and God gives us strength to stay one step ahead). But more than likely, in the midst of battle, we find ourselves walking, just taking one step at a time (and God gives us what we need to keep in step with His Spirit). So…maybe…the old prophet got it right. That’s our earthly journey with Jesus until He comes to take us home with Him: soaring occasionally…running to keep up…walking to maintain strength and hope in the Lord. Thanks, Isaiah, for an encouraging perspective of how to best follow Jesus. Let’s us keep in step with the Spirit of God. ~ PB