As we learn more about Jesus Christ, we begin to see that his story can be our story.  In fact, Jesus’ whole life was about restoring lost men and women into a relationship with God.  He came to bring life, hope, and peace to all who would accept his free gift.  Our church is full of people with stories to tell.  Whether you are a long time follower of Christ or just beginning to explore your faith, please consider sharing your story with us!  We would love to hear more about what God is doing in your life.  One way that you can share your story with us is by using the form below.  When you finish filling out the form hit submit and your story will be immediately sent to only our pastors.

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Pastor's Connection

A Mighty God

The second name that Isaiah uses to describe the divine nature of this “son to be given” (Isaiah 9:6b) is Mighty God. If this...

Perfect Counsel

Isaiah 9:6b tells us that Good News has a Name. We have already acknowledged that it is a four-part name and each part is...

That’s A Long Time

Historically the book of Isaiah was written circa 750B.C. As we jump into chapter nine for an Advent message (which we will do this...